The Bouncing Souls "Maniacal Laughter" CD

This is a re-issue of The Bouncing Souls' iconic second LP, originally released in 1995. Considered by many fans to be their best record, all of the songs are still played live (some more than others!) and are fan favorites. The album was their first produced by Thom Wilson (TSOL, The Offspring) and originally manufactured and distributed by BYO Records, bringing the band a more national and international presence than they had previously. A Bouncing Souls classic that stands the test of time!

  1. Lamar Vanoy
  2. No Rules
  3. The Freaks, Nerds, And Romantics
  4. Argyle
  5. All Of This And Nothing
  6. The BMX Song
  7. Quik Check Girl
  8. Headlights Ditch
  9. Born to Lose
  10. Moon Over Asbury
  11. The Ballad Of Johnny X