The Bouncing Souls "The Bad. The Worse. And the Out of Print." CD

This is the CD that contains many tracks from "The Greenball Crew" ep, the well sought after, long out of print first release from the Bouncing Souls. Includes tracks from the original SOULS demo, alternate versions, deleted songs, live tracks, tributes, and plenty of covers from the ten year span including the Misfits and Descendants tributes. This one is for the kids!


01. The Ballad Of Johnny X
02. Mommy, Can I Go And Kill Tonight
03. Quik Check Girl
04. Kids In America
05. P.M.R.C.
06. Slave To Fashion
07. Code Blue
08. Lamar Vannoy
09. Punk Uprisings Theme
10. Kicked In The Head
11. St. Jude's Day
12. Pervert
13. Don't You (Forget About Me)
14. Spank
15. Like A Fish Out Of Water
16. Born to Lose
17. Dirt
18. East Coast, Fuck You!
19. I Started Drinking Again
20. Instrumental
21. Here We Go
22. Neurotic