The Menzingers "On The Impossible Past" 12" Vinyl

"I've been having a horrible time pulling myself together." Oh, The Menzingers. They're a local Philly band, a favorite of many on the Cold Cuts Merch staff and their entire discography is 💯 (if you ask me.) "On The Impossible Past" is the band's third full length album. It was released by Epitaph Records in 2012 and continues to be a banger to this day. The album garnered glowing reviews from critics - and for good reason! The lyrics are poignant, heartfelt and relatable. The riffs? Catchy and memorable. As a whole, the album blends pop punk, punk rock and alternative in a way that only The Menzingers can. Treat yourself with a copy!

  1. Good Things
  2. Burn After Writing
  3. The Obituaries
  4. Gates
  5. Ava House
  6. Sun Hotel
  7. Sculptors and Vandals
  8. Mexican Guitars
  9. On The Impossible Past
  10. Nice Things
  11. Casey
  12. I Can't Seem To Tell
  13. Freedom Bridge