The Movielife "This Time Next Year" CD


With numerous tracks on compilations, an LP, two 7"s, and a split CD under their belt, The Movielife practically became a household name with the great response they received from "This Time Next Year." The album is a harmonious mix of the catchiest parts of pop and indie rock blended together with a noticeable hardcore edge. "This Time Next Year," featuring the production of Brian McTernan (Snapcase, Cave-In, Texas Is The Reason), had people talking everywhere.


  1. I Hope You Die Soon
  2. 10 Seconds Too Late
  3. This Time Next Year
  4. Once In A Row
  5. Self-Destruct
  6. Deal With It
  7. Single White Female
  8. Pinky Swear
  9. How Can You Even Face Me?
  10. Me And You Vs. Them
  11. Another Friend
  12. It's Monday And Raining