Tim Barry "40 Miler" CD


A few years back, singer-songwriter Tim Barry closed out an album by pondering his own death – and he didn’t seem mind leaving this earth too much. “Take what you want/I won’t leave much,” he sang. 2012 finds him in a very different place. Themes of resilience and hope flow through Barry’s new record, "40 Miler". “If this record is uplifting compared to my old ones it’s because I feel stronger from all the beat-downs and shit I’ve taken in the past,” says the Richmond, Virginia-based artist.


  1. Intro
  2. Wezeltown
  3. Driver Pull
  4. 40 Miler
  5. Adele and Hell
  6. Shed Song
  7. Bankers Dilemma
  8. Train Improv
  9. Hobo Lullaby
  10. T. Beene
  11. Fine Foods Market
  12. Amen
  13. Outro