Tim Barry "Spring Hill" 12" Bundle Vinyl


Bundle contains Red, Red Cloud and Galaxy variants as well as an option to include a black test press 12".

Shortly before the pandemic, Tim Barry's longtime/former band Avail had embarked on weekend reunion tours much to the delight of hardcore fans both decades old and too young to have seen them live. With the lockdown, all of this came to a halt and Tim Barry, much to his delight, became a full-time dad. This album, "Spring Hill," was written and recorded in Richmond, VA, reflecting all of the storytelling there is to tell in this span, in his signature style.


  1. Ain't Much For Talking
  2. Free As The Wind
  3. Glorious
  4. Cab #13
  5. Grace
  6. Swann Street
  7. Bella & Charlie
  8. Dad's Ipad
  9. Camille
  10. The Breeze
  11. Cherry Isle
  12. Corner Store
  13. Switch Key