Touche Amore "Is Survived By" 12" Vinyl


Over the course of Is Survived By’s 12 tracks, the band pushes itself to embrace the subtleties in its sound that were only hinted at previously. Song lengths expand—as do instrumental sections as the band draws from a deeper well of musical influences—allowing the group’s verbose and concise tendencies to play off one another.


  1. "Just Exist" 
  2. "To Write Content" 
  3. "Praise / Love" 
  4. "Anyone / Anything" 
  5. "DNA" 
  6. "Harbor"
  7. "Kerosene" 
  8. "Blue Angels" 
  9. "Social Caterpillar" 
  10. "Non Fiction"
  11. "Steps" 
  12. "Is Survived By"