Touche Amore "Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me" CD


It may be just a 20 minutes to listen through, but Parting the Sea… is an album which plays hard on the emotions. Touche Amore have made a name for themselves through their energetic live performances, and there’s no doubting these songs will translate superbly from record to stage. Thankfully, if we’re to read into the lyrics literally, it seems the band have no intention of taking a break from the road.


  1. ~
  2. Pathfinder
  3. The Great Repetition
  4. Art Official
  5. Uppers, Downers
  6. Crutch
  7. Method Act
  8. Face Ghost
  9. Sesame
  10. Wants, Needs
  11. Condolences
  12. Home Away From Here
  13. Amends