Trustkill Records "Hellfest 2000 The Official DVD Documentary" DVD

The most talked about musical event of the summer of 2000, that almost didn't happen, feturing extreme musics' biggest and brightest. This plastic terror contains an in depth adventure covering three days worth of heat, frustration, joy, triumph, chaos and unity. The strength of the bands' live performances speak for themselves, coupled with interviews, and crowd shots filmed in exotic Syracuse, NY, this is a package that you'll want to open and watch again and again. The music, the message, and the quality you want, done professionally by the kids and for the kids. For those who were there, you'll never forget the sheer insanity. for those who were not, Trustkill Records has brought you the closest thing to being up front, sweating, raising your fists, all while watching your favorite bands have a blast on stage doing what they do best. See the uncontrolled whirlings and jumpings of today's uncontrolled youth! Hear thecacophony of their pied pipers! Witness the madness that ensues! Another one for the books. History in the making, and we got it.

  • Audio commentaries from Bane, Nora, One King Down and Poisen The Well (in addition to their interviews)
  • Feature length Director's (and crew) audio commentary
  • Motion menus, chapter selections and movie trailer
  • A bonus song from Bane, Brother's Keeper, Buried Alive, Converge, Eighteen Visions, Nora, One King Down, Poison The Well, Reach The Sky, Shai Hulud and Walls Of Jericho
  • Digital surround sound, band information and more...
  1. Poison The Well – Interview 
  2. Poison The Well – Slice Paper Wrists
  3. Shai Hulud – Interview
  4. Shai Hulud – My Heart Bleeds The Darkest Blood
  5. Buried Alive – Interview
  6. Buried Alive – Worthless
  7. Brother's Keeper – Interview
  8. Brother's Keeper – God Damn Son Of A Bitch
  9. One King Down – Interview
  10. One King Down – Gravity Wins Again
  11. Bane – Interview
  12. Bane – What Makes Us Strong / Superhero
  13. Converge – Conduit
  14. Every Time I Die – Interview
  15. Every Time I Die – Your Touch Versus Death
  16. Eighteen Visions – Interview
  17. Eighteen Visions – Who Killed John Lennon?
  18. Reach The Sky – Interview
  19. Reach The Sky – World Stands Still
  20. Walls Of Jericho – Interview
  21. Walls Of Jericho – A Day And A Thousand Years
  22. NORA – Interview
  23. NORA – The Neverendingyouline
  24. Converge – Color Me Blood Red
  25. Eighteen Visions – Interview
  26. Eighteen Visions – The Psychotic Thought...
  27. Poison The Well – Interview
  28. Poison The Well – Nerdy
  29. Bane – Interview
  30. Bane – Can We Start Again?
  31. Walls Of Jericho – Interview
  32. Walls Of Jericho – Why Father
  33. The Hope Conspiracy – Interview
  34. The Hope Conspiracy – Escapist
  35. Brother's Keeper – Interview
  36. Brother's Keeper – Cranium
  37. Shai Hulud – Interview
  38. Shai Hulud – Solely Concentrating On The...
  39. One King Down – Interview
  40. One King Down – More Hate Than Fear
  41. Idle Hands – Interview
  42. Idle Hands – Treaty
  43. Killswitch Engage – Interview
  44. Killswitch Engage – Vide Infra
  45. Buried Alive – Interview
  46. Buried Alive – Kill Their Past
  47. Poison The Well – Interview
  48. Poison The Well – Artist's Rendering Of Me
  49. Converge – The Saddest Day