Twitching Tongues "Disharmony" 12" Vinyl


Said to be Twitching Tongues most distinctive album, "Disharmony," is as eclectic as you can get in one album. The band pushes their musical boundaries, refusing to stay within any set boxes, revealing just how dynamic they truly are. You won't get bored with this record, which combines many aspects of metal into one secular release - and "Disharmony" is as fitting a title as ever.


  1. Disharmony
  2. Insincerely Yours (Tears & Blood)
  3. Asylum Avenue
  4. Love Conquers None
  5. Insatiable Sin
  6. Cannibal
  7. Sacrifice Me
  8. Arrival
  9. The End Of Love
  10. Crici-Fiction