Various Artists "Striving Higher (A Hardcore Compilation)" 12" Vinyl


We don't think we've actually featured a compilation album in our music picks before and there's no better time than right now. This "Striving Higher" hardcore album released on Six Feet Under Records is packed full of nearly every sick artist you can imagine in the genre, like Foundation, The Rival Mob, The Mongoloids, Nails, War Hungry and more. It's full of hit after hit totaling sixteen tracks and is available in black and gold or straight up black. The black variant also comes with a free 7" flexi featuring Blacklisted's "It's All Going Down." If you like listening to the perfect mix of hardcore veterans, then this is one you gotta add to your collection.


  1. Foundation - No One Writes Protest Songs Anymore
  2. The Rival Mob - My Culture
  3. Inside - The World As It Is
  4. Disengage - Think For Yourself
  5. Battle Ruins - Cold Iron Death
  6. The Mongoloids - Unnecessarily Necessary
  7. Blacklisted - Those Shields Around You
  8. Dead Stop - Hate To Say
  9. Rhythm To The Madness - Challenging The Heavens (Parts I & II)
  10. Blkout - Idle Handsv
  11. Stick Together - End It
  12. Tremors - Creekside
  13. Nails - Black Cloud
  14. Bracewar - The Race
  15. As We Let Go - Life In The Crack
  16. War Hungry - Broken On The Wheel

The vinyl Black variant comes with a free 7" Flexi featuring "It's All Going Down" by Blacklisted.