Vengeance "Fools Follow Rules" 12" Vinyl


Released by Six Feet Under Records, Vengeance's "Fools Follow Rules" is the only release from this Jersey band. The crew includes members of Floorpunch, Underdog, Blacklisted and Reign Supreme plus the album itself was recorded with legendary NYHC producer Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Madball, Warzone, Helmet). The tracks on "Fools Follow Rules" come with plenty of old school swagger and a raw sound that sits well with the rumbling bass lines, dirty guitars, growled vocals and pummeling drums, says Punk Rock Theory. If you dig the likes of Terror and Backtrack, these guys are for you.


  1. Intro/Dead And Gone
  2. Pushed Too Many Times
  3. Try To Understand
  4. In My Place
  5. Brotherhood
  6. Your Pride
  7. Manipulate
  8. Point Of View
  9. One Sided Friendship