Wanted Dead "Repercussions" CD

Wanted Dead are a fast, loud punk band from Oceanside, CA. They have the overpowering presence and a natural ambience that only Satan himself could posess. Wanted Dead always gets the crowd into a frenzy of blood and sweat with explosive drums, booming bass lines, shredding guitar, and hardcore lyrics that only add fuel to the fire. No pussy shit. See you in the pit mother fuckers! "I first discovered Wanted Dead on the 2001 Warped Tour. They were playing a few dates of the tour around their hometown of San Diego. Ironically, what made them stick out of the heard to me was how much more punk they were than any band I'd seen in a long time, especially on the Warped Tour. Their music reminded me of the first Suicidal Tendencies record, and their attitude was straight out of punk's early eighties too. I made a point to see every set they played, and was part of a growing contingent of Warped Tour people all becoming fans of the band. I haven't seen this kind of spirit in muisc in years and I found myself hanging out in their camp as a source of fun and inspiration." - Bryan "Papillon" Kienlen (The Bouncing Souls)

  1. Intro
  2. Shout Out
  3. 100 Proof Blackout
  4. Revenge
  5. Mace On My Face
  6. The Bats
  7. Dancin' With The Devil
  8. Murder
  9. Deathwish
  10. Buried In Sand
  11. Violence
  12. Society
  13. Black Roses
  14. Few Good Men