Wild Pink "ILYSM" 2x12 Vinyl

Double LP on Galaxy Bone and Orchid vinyl (artist exclusive variant - limited to 300) and Blue.
Release date: October 14 2022

  1. Cahooting The Multiverse
  2. Hold My Hand Feat. Julien Baker
  3. Hell Is Cold
  4. ILYSM
  5. St. Beater Camry
  6. Abducted At The Grief Retreat
  7. War On Terror
  8. Simple Glyphs
  9. See You Better Now
  10. Sucking On The Birdshot
  11. The Grass Widow In The Glass Window
  12. ICLYM

The fourth full-length from Wild Pink, ILYSM unfolds with all the fractured beauty of a dreamscape. Over the course of 12 chameleonic tracks, the New York-bred rock band build another world inhabited by ghosts and angels and aliens, inciting a strange and lovely daze as the backdrop shifts from the mundane (subdivisions, highways, hotel parking lots) to the extraordinary (deserts, battlefields, the moon). But within its vast imagination lies a potent truth-telling on the part of singer/guitarist John Ross, whose lyrics closely examine his recent struggle with cancer. The follow-up to 2021’s A Billion Little Lights—a critically acclaimed effort praised by the likes of Pitchfork, NPR, Vulture, and Stereogum, who named it “one of the prettiest rock records of the past decade”—ILYSM emerges as a truly revelatory body of work, transforming the most painful reflection into moments of transcendence.

Songs written and produced by John Ross
Engineered, mixed and co-produced by Justin Pizzoferrato
Co-produced by Peter Silberman
Additional engineering by Nicholas Principe at People Teeth
Mastered by Carl Saff

John Ross: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Dan Keegan: Drums and Percussion
Arden Yonkers: Bass and Keys
David Moore: Piano, Banjo and Farfisa
Jeremy Viner: Saxophone and Clarinet
Peter Silberman: Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Mike ‘Slo Mo’ Brenner: Pedal Steel
Julien Baker: Vocals on “Hold My Hand”
Samantha Crain: Vocals on “St. Beater Camry”
J Mascis: Guitar on “See You Better Now”
Julia Steiner: Vocals on “ILYSM” and “See You Better Now”
Ryley Walker: Guitar on “Simple Glyphs”
Yasmin Williams: Guitar on “The Grass Widow In The Glass Window”