World Be Free "The Anti-Circle" Cassette


With a love and appreciation for classic hardcore music and the intent to create something new and refreshing, World Be Free was formed. During the fall of 2014, Scott Vogel (Terror/Buried Alive), Joe Garlipp (Despair), Andrew Kline (Strife) and Sammy Siegler (Judge/CIV/Rival Schools) joined together to start World Be Free, with Arthur Smilios (Gorilla Biscuits) joining later on bass. They worked on crafting a sound that leaned heavily on the inspiration of the classic hardcore and punk albums they all grew up on, while adding a modern twist that kept it new and fresh. 


  1. World Be Free
  2. Shake The Ghost
  3. All These Colors
  4. Empty Things
  5. Never Slip
  6. Breakout Or Busted
  7. The Anti-Circle
  8. I'm Done
  9. What I See
  10. Sammy's Mirror
  11. I Erase You
  12. Of My World
  13. Promises Made
  14. Counting Vices