Year Of The Knife "Ultimate Aggression" 12" Vinyl


Vinyl LP pressing. Hailing from Delaware, the five piece known as Year of the Knife have combined the 2017 EP Ultimate Disease with 2018 EP First State Aggression and thrown in new track 'Fatal' to create Ultimate Aggression, so it shouldn't be difficult for people to realize that this release if going to be hard and heavy. The straightedge band were formed in 2015 and immediately made a huge impact in the Hardcore scene as they attacked a multitude of subjects including police brutality and addiction, as they toured with the likes of Broken Teeth and Terror, creating mayhem wherever they played.


  1. Y.O.T.K.
  2. Ultimate Disease
  3. Your Lucky Day
  4. Fatal
  5. Blue Lies
  6. First State Aggression
  7. Untitled
  8. J.R.M.
  9. Evil