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RESTOCK ROUNDUP: Biohazard, Sworn Enemy & More

We are hitting the crossover and hardcore scene, well, hard, this week with a handful of these brutal bands of the scene.


Biohazard are one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop.  That said, we've restocked the Biohazard "SOTWA" shirt among a handful of other tops this week, just because.  Straight edge hardcore band Foundation are on another level so we got the Foundation "Collage" shirt back in a cool cream.  Back up north on the east coast and a sick combo of metalcore and thrash metal, the All Out War "Crucified Original" shirt returns for those who were crucified.  You can still purchase it if you weren't though.  We won't rat.

Another New York crossover thrash band that mixes hardcore punk, new school breakdowns and just general feelings of being pissed (same), the Sworn Enemy "Bullet Holes" shirt makes a swift comeback.  Influenced by 90s hardcore and notably defined as vegan and straight edge, the Ecostrike "Today Tomorrow" shirt returns so that you can remember that forever. And ever. And ever.  Rounding out our hardcore restock roundup week, the Backtrack "New York Hardcore" shirt celebrates the local scene these guys hail from.  Keep it heavy!


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