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RESTOCK ROUNDUP: Cro-Mags, The Acacia Strain & More

Lots of new, old goodies restocked this week for you all.  Let's get right to it!


Kicking things off with a mushBOOM cloud, we've got the Cro-Mags "Age Of Quarrel" shirt back in.  The Acacia Strain "Sunflower Pocket" shirt is another fan favorite and that pocket comes in handy for all the things that go in pockets, like pencils, phones and your dignity sometimes.  On a more serious note, the "Racism Is Ignorance" charity shirt returns once more, with every last penny of profit from these going to the Southern Poverty Law Center, who nobly fight hate, seek justice and educate.

A warm welcome to the west coast with the Lionheart "Palm Reaper" shirt.  Yes, the reaper ditched his scythe for a palm branch and YES it's very tropical but still 100% as deadly surely.  Also from the west coast, we've restocked the Xibalba "Rude Dogs GJ" hoodie, so you can live out another X years of fear.  Finally, the Death Before Dishonor "Lost Generation" shirt shows off the empty words of a lost generation.  We feel that.


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