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RESTOCK ROUNDUP: Xibalba, Basement & More

This week, we've got a small handful of restocks from the likes of Xibalba, Basement and Merauder.  Check out what's up, down below!


"No soul, no identity, no peace, no serenity."  Don't be doomed to walk this earth until your dying day without the Xibalba "Scythe" shirt.  "I Wish I Could Stay Here" was the title of Basement's debut studio album, which in turn inspired the creation of the Basement "Stay" flag featuring the album cover.  "I pity what's in your heart as the world will bleed 'cause I'd rather die on my feet than live life on my knees." Life is pain indeed and thus the Merauder "Life Is Pain" hoodie came to be.  This band gets it.


Have we got a playlist for you! Whether it be more indie, alterative and pop vibes or heavier, metal, rock and hardcore hitters - we do indeed have you covered.  Take a listen to each, see which one you like best (if not BOTH!) and give them a follow.  We update these every two weeks or so.

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