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Tigers Jaw “Trees” shirt


Tigers Jaw “Daisies” shirt


Tigers Jaw “Twin Peaks” shirt


The Story So Far “Road” shirt 


Backtrack “Live Stone Letters” shirt


Cold As Life “Most Dangerous” shirt


Code Orange Kids “Rat” shirt


Code Orange Kids “Love Is Love” shirt


Vision of Disorder “Cursed” shirt and hoodie



Full of Hell “Inhale Ash” shirt


Full of Hell “Drone” shirt


Full of Hell “Razors” shirt


Full of Hell “Delusions” longsleeve


Full of Hell “Hatred Grows” backpatch


Bulldoze “Original Beatdown” shirt


Backtrack “Backtrack Darker Half NYHC Live” shirt


The Story So Far “Mt Diablo” black shirt


The Story So Far “Rose” shirt


Xibalba “Scythe” shirt 


Xibalba “Sabbath Hasta La Meurte” came tie dye shirt


The Story So Far “Road” shirt


Leeway “Born to Expire” shirt


Lionheart “One Life Live” shirt


Terror “LBTC Live Circle” shirt


Terror “Circle” shirt



New Stuff in August

So July was a big month of playing catch up and attending some fests. Not many new items when item at all.  Here comes August and with it brings the addition of several new items and some new faces.


Last week we through up a bunch of leftover The Wonder Years stuff that they had sitting around.  Make sure you pick it up because it will NOT be made again. The Wonder Years are currently wrapping up their run on The Warped Tour and will then kick off some other big tours this fall.

Today brought the addition of a new item to Backtracks store. The Live Stone Letters Shirt.  There will also be a new tank top coming soon! Backtrack just completed their recording for their new record, which will be out sometime later this year.

We finally got around to getting up some new Agitator shirts in their store.  Check out the No Country and the XXX Walls shirts.  Agitators new record "Walls Closing In" is awesome.  Check it out, it's released by Six Feet Under Records.

Detroits hardest, Cold As Life, has some new items in the store.  Classic designs redone and or revamped. Check out the Bulldog Cigar basketball jersey, the Born to Land Hard shirt and hood, as well as the Choke shirt.  Cold as Life just played Summer of Hate a few weeks ago, and might possibly have a few more shows in the works.

We are hitting you with another old design from an extinct band. Leeway's Born To Expire shirt is now available on s shirt thats not 20 years old. Pick it up today. You could have caught Eddie out over the summer with Skarhead slinging some other Leeway shirts, I'm sure you'll see him sooner then later.

The hardest hitting band from New Jersey in a while is definitely none other then Lifeless. If you have not heard Lifeless you need to do so. Their new record is available through Harvcore Records, and it is awesome.  Check out their online store here to get two shirts that they(so far) have only had very small runs of. The Bats and Outcast shirts are up now for preorder.

Another band from New Jersey that is really turning heads is Man Overboard.  They put up a new color way of their classic Defend Pop Punk design in their CCM store. Check this band out if you haven't done so.  They have some ridiculous tours coming up this fall that you do not want to miss.

The Story So Far is the fastest rising band from California. Pure Noise Records has release their first full length Under Soil & Dirt just the other month, and they have taken off and been doing amazing on the road.  Check this band out. They have two new designs up in their store: Mt Diablo and Warriors Tank.

Veteran youngsters from Massachusetts Transit also have two fresh additions to their store.  They have a new record coming out on Rise Records. Expect some heavy touring from this fantastic group.

New to the store is Legend from Michigan, a heavy destructive force.  A tank top fresh from their recent tour is available currently. Check it out and check them out if you haven't heard is.

Leftover merch from Summer of Hate is available for Taste The Steel. The heavy hitters from Erie PA got back together and played Summer of Hate a few weeks ago.  They tore it apart, but had some leftovers that need new homes.  Please pick some up, you may never be able to again.

Due to a very unfortunate incident, Suburban Scum Sound and Fury edition tank tops are available for purchase. Suburban Scum hails from New Jersey and is definitely a band that should be in everyones daily rotation.  Go to their webstore and pick up some new items, then go blast their tunes.


Thats all the updates we have for right now. Hopefully you enjoy the merch.  If you ever have a question about an order PLEASE email us.  Do not hesitate.